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Ep109: Cultivating a rural workforce
[Case Report] 68yo with cardiometabolic risk factors and transient monocular vision loss
[Journal Club] Baricitinib immune therapy for new onset type 1 diabetes
Ep105: When parents and paediatrics clash
[IMJ On-Air] Is the jury still out on omega-3 supplementation?
[IMJ On-Air] HepatoCare: a model for palliative and supportive care in advanced cirrhosis
Ep102: Staying on script with semaglutide
Ep101: Setting the standard for workforce wellbeing
Ep100: Conversations with ChatGPT
Ep99: When AI goes wrong
[IMJ On-Air] A tiger in the mallee: Victoria’s JEV cluster
Ep97: The governance of AI
Ep96: The ergonomics of AI
Ep95: Machine Learning 101
Ep94: Facing up to racial bias
Ep93: The rise and fall of mpox
Ep92: Data-driven practice improvement
[IMJ On-Air] Hyperglycaemia and COVID-19
[IMJ On-Air] High readmission rates in cirrhotic patients
Ep89: What we know about long COVID
[IMJ On-Air] Making sense of HACs
[IMJ On-Air] Managing cannabinoid use in palliative care
[IMJ On-Air] Recent advances in asthma management
Ep85: The ASD Odyssey- a reply
Ep84: The ASD Odyssey
Ep83: Loving Medicine Again
Ep82: Coming back from Burnout—Congress 2022
Ep81: Advocacy from the Top
Ep80: Healthcare in a Volatile Climate
Ep79: Melanoma vs the Double-Edged Sword
Ep78: The Advocate’s Journey
Ep77: Deciding with Children
Ep76: Making Amends- Medical Injury Part 3
Ep75: Feeling Guilty- Medical Injury Part 2
Ep74: Saying Sorry- Medical Injury Part 1
Ep73: Communicating a Pandemic
Ep72: Modelling a Pandemic—Congress 2021
Ep71: Voluntary Assisted Dying—what have we learned?
Ep70: Zeroing in on “the renal troponin”
Ep69: Gendered Medicine—Funding and Research
Ep68: Gendered Medicine- Pain
Ep67: Boosting Public Health in the Indo-Pacific
Ep66: Gendered Medicine- Heart Disease
Ep65: A New Script for Global Public Health
Ep64: Big Pharma and the People’s Vaccine
Ep63: the WHO’s Biggest Test
Ep62: Essential Ethics in Adolescent Health
Ep61: Delirium Part 2- Prevention and Management
Ep60: Delirium Part 1- Detection and Causes
Ep59: Essential Ethics in Paediatrics
Ep58: Billing Part 2—Compliance and the Free Market
Ep57: The Art of Telehealth
Ep56: Billing in Byzantium
Ep55: Starting out in Private Practice
Ep54: My Health Record in Practice
Ep53: Marrabinya—a hand outstretched
Ep52: Opioids Part 2- Regulation and Marketing
Ep51: Getting off the Opioids- Part 1
Ep50: Rural Medicine in NZ- Congress 2019
Ep49: Training in the Bush Part 2—Remote WA
Ep48: Training in the Bush Part 1—Country NSW
Ep47: Complex Adolescent Transitions—Congress 2019
Ep46: The First 1000 Days—Congress 2019
Ep45: Medical Fitness to Drive
Ep44: Cervical Screening–Less Is More
Ep43: What’s in a Name? - Disruption Part 2
Ep42: The Value Proposition - Disruption Part 1
Ep41: Targeting Diabetes
Ep40: Rebooting CPD Part 2—Feedback and Audit
Ep39: Rebooting CPD Part 1—Origins
Ep38: Making a Connection
Ep37: Ethical Dilemmas—Congress 2018
Ep36: Acute Coronary Syndrome Part 2—Secondary Prevention
Ep35: Acute Coronary Syndrome Part 1—Diagnosis
Ep34: Diagnostic Error Part 2—Systems
Ep33: Early Days for Cannabis Therapy
Ep32: Diagnostic Error Part 1—Cognitive Bias
Ep31: Ngā Kaitiaki Hauora
Ep30: Being Human
Ep29: Drug Interactions and Deprescribing
Ep28: Transitions to Fellowship
Ep27: Severe Asthma
Ep26: Dealing with Uncertainty – Part 2
Ep25: Dealing with Uncertainty – Part 1
Ep24: Social Medicine – Themes from Congress 2017
Ep23: Managing Autism in the ED
Ep22: Transitions to Retirement
Ep21: Genomics for the Generalist – Part 2
Ep20: Genomics for the Generalist – Part 1
Ep19: Health, Disease and Death in the Early Colony
Ep18: Integrating Health and Social Care
Ep17: Better Practice in Paeds
Ep16: Mind the (Gender) Gap
Ep15: Methamphetamine – Beyond the Hype
Ep14: Fever of Unknown Origin
Ep13: A Fresh Start for Disability Services
Ep12: Perspectives on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Ep11: Adolescent Health Adds Up
Ep10: Evolving Your Practice
Ep9: The Gut Microbiome and IBD
Ep8: Obesity Inside Out
Ep7: The Art of Supervision
Ep6: Antibiotic Resistance – Are We All Doomed?
Ep5: Physician, Heal Thyself
Ep4: Stem Cell Therapies Today
Ep3: Law at End-of-Life
Ep2: Cultural Humility
Ep1: Recognising Death
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