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Pomegranate Health is a continuing professional development (CPD) podcast designed to inspire excellence in a physician’s practice. Once a month, we present stories on clinical decision-making, physician wellbeing and socio-ethical challenges in medicine. Episodes are developed with guidance and editorial oversight from Fellows of the RACP and other experts. Member input is also welcome—feel free to continue the discussion on any episode in the Comments section. You can send ideas for future stories to pomcast@racp.edu.au

Why a pomegranate? The fruit has featured on the coat of arms of the Royal College of Physicians since 1546, on which the RACP was modelled almost four hundred years later. A symbol of healing, the pomegranate sits at the heart of the RACP crest and is the official fruit of the College.

Latest episodes

Episode 27: Severe Asthma
Episode 26: Dealing with Uncertainty – Part 2
Episode 25: Dealing with Uncertainty – Part 1
Episode 24: Social Medicine – Themes from Congress 2017
Episode 23: Managing Autism in the ED
Episode 22: Transitions to Retirement
Episode 21: Genomics for the Generalist – Part 2
Episode 20: Genomics for the Generalist – Part 1
Episode 19: Health, Disease and Death in the Early Colony
Episode 18: Integrating Health and Social Care
Episode 17: Better Practice in Paeds
Episode 16: Mind the (Gender) Gap
Episode 15: Methamphetamine – Beyond the Hype
Episode 14: Fever of Unknown Origin
Episode 13: A Fresh Start for Disability Services
Episode 12: Perspectives on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Episode 11: Adolescent Health Adds Up
Episode 10: Evolving Your Practice
Episode 9: The Gut Microbiome and IBD
Episode 8: Obesity Inside Out
Episode 7: The Art of Supervision
Episode 6: Antibiotic Resistance – Are We All Doomed?
Episode 5: Physician, Heal Thyself
Episode 4: Stem Cell Therapies Today
Episode 3: Law at End-of-Life
Episode 2: Cultural Humility
Episode 1: Recognising Death
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