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CAREER_IND_BLACK (002) - squarePomegranate Health is a continuing professional development podcast to inspire excellence in a physician’s practice. Every month we present ​a story about clinical decision-making, physician wellbeing or socio-ethical challenges in medicine.

Episodes are developed with guidance from Fellows and other experts. Member input is also welcome—​discuss any episode in the Comments section ​or send your feedback to pomcast@racp.edu.au

On each episode page there is a MyCPD link for Fellows to log credits for listening.

Why a pomegranate? The fruit has featured on the coat of arms of the Royal College of Physicians since 1546, on which the RACP was modelled almost four hundred years later. ​The pomegranate is an ancient symbol of sanctity, fertility, and regeneration in all the major religions. 


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Latest episodes

Episode 35: Acute Coronary Syndrome Part 1—Diagnosis
Episode 34: Diagnostic Error Part 2—Systems
Episode 33: Early Days for Cannabis Therapy
Episode 32: Diagnostic Error Part 1—Cognitive Bias
Episode 31: Ngā Kaitiaki Hauora
Episode 30: Being Human
Episode 29: Drug Interactions and Deprescribing
Episode 28: Transitions to Fellowship
Episode 27: Severe Asthma
Episode 26: Dealing with Uncertainty – Part 2
Episode 25: Dealing with Uncertainty – Part 1
Episode 24: Social Medicine – Themes from Congress 2017
Episode 23: Managing Autism in the ED
Episode 22: Transitions to Retirement
Episode 21: Genomics for the Generalist – Part 2
Episode 20: Genomics for the Generalist – Part 1
Episode 19: Health, Disease and Death in the Early Colony
Episode 18: Integrating Health and Social Care
Episode 17: Better Practice in Paeds
Episode 16: Mind the (Gender) Gap
Episode 15: Methamphetamine – Beyond the Hype
Episode 14: Fever of Unknown Origin
Episode 13: A Fresh Start for Disability Services
Episode 12: Perspectives on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Episode 11: Adolescent Health Adds Up
Episode 10: Evolving Your Practice
Episode 9: The Gut Microbiome and IBD
Episode 8: Obesity Inside Out
Episode 7: The Art of Supervision
Episode 6: Antibiotic Resistance – Are We All Doomed?
Episode 5: Physician, Heal Thyself
Episode 4: Stem Cell Therapies Today
Episode 3: Law at End-of-Life
Episode 2: Cultural Humility
Episode 1: Recognising Death
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