Improving Performance Action Plan (IPAP)

Download the Improving Performance Action Plan (IPAP).

The IPAP provides the framework to help you and your supervisor outline:

  • learning strategies to be implemented to improve performance in areas where your performance is below the expected standard
  • expected outcomes from these actions and strategies
  • dates on which you and your supervisor will meet to review your progress.

Your supervisor may ask you to bring along documentation from previous training rotations, supervisor reports and any other documentation relevant to your progress which will help to put together the IPAP.

The timeframe for an IPAP is usually three to six months.

IPAP review

At the end of the agreed timeframe, supervisors will provide feedback on your progress, against the IPAP. This can be recorded in the IPAP Review section of the IPAP template. This section summarises your supervisor's feedback on your progress implementing the agreed actions in your IPAP, your current performance against expected standards and recommendations to improve performance if you have not yet reached the expected standard.

At this stage your supervisor will recommend that you either:

  • exit from the Training Support Pathway if remediation has been successful and your performance is at the expected level, or
  • work together to develop of a new IPAP to continue remediation for a further period of time (and progress to Stage 2 of the Training Support Pathway (if you have completed a Stage 1 IPAP and not yet reached the expected standard).

Record of meetings

If there is a need to hold additional meetings, a record can be completed using the Record of Meeting template

Three-monthly assessment reports

When you are on Stage 2 or 3 of the Training Support Pathway, you are required to submit three-monthly supervisor assessment reports to assist the Training Support Unit and relevant training committee with monitoring progress.

These reports ensure that you have clarity regarding your progress and performance against expected standards at regular intervals.

Basic Trainees on the pathway should use the Ward Consultant's Report template to complete these.
Ad​vanced Trainees on the pathway should use the Final Supervisor's Report template for their training program.
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