Theme: Training support

Training support offers the necessary means to educators and trainees so they can be successful.


  • Educators are engaged in training and actively seek to:
    • develop the skills, attitudes and practices of trainees by supporting learning
    • offer feedback
    • supervise trainees
    • lead training programs
  • Educators maintain and develop their training knowledge, skills and behaviours by participating in:
    • relevant professional development
    • appraisal processes
    • training improvement activities
  • Educators have a high level of satisfaction with the delivery of training.
  • Trainees feel challenged, are thriving and achieving success in various aspects of their professional life.
  • Trainees and educators maintain their health and wellbeing and are aware of how to access advice and services in relation to career and health issues.
  • Trainees and educators describe the learning environment as safe and supportive.
  • Trainees believe Fellows and staff support them through their achievements and any setbacks.


  • A training provider’s educators know their roles and have the skills to complete their educational duties.
  • Training settings monitor trainee and educator health and wellbeing and provide resources to support them when health or wellbeing is compromised.
  • Trainees and educators are responsible for their health and wellbeing and act when these are jeopardised.


Standard 5: Educator leadership, support and wellbeing

Standard 6: Trainee support and wellbeing

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