2022-2026 Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan defines where we want to be in the future. It sets out four strategic focus areas with underlying priorities to achieve our strategic goals and add value to our membership.

These areas will be key priorities for future delivery of our core role, which is to educate, advocate and innovate, while lifting the health outcomes for the First Nations people of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

See the 2022-2026 RACP Strategic Plan (PDF) and Strategic Plan on a page (PDF).

Focus area one
Sustainable College | He Kāreti toitū

We will govern and operate in a responsible, sustainable, and effective manner.


  • Embedding strong governance culture and practices
  • Developing and embedding a robust, effective risk management framework
  • Fostering a culturally safe, inclusive, and diverse College
  • Investing in automation, analytics, and integrated technology to support valuable member experiences
  • Responsibly managing all College resources
  • Diversifying our revenue streams

Focus area two
Member experience and belonging | Wheako mema me te ūkaipō

We will deliver valuable member experiences, responsive to members’ unique and changing needs.


  • Lifting member health and wellbeing
  • Personalising member services and connections
  • Streamlining digital experiences
  • Supporting and advocating for our diverse member communities
  • Enhancing support for our Indigenous members
  • Listening to and acting upon member feedback

Focus area three
Physician and practice of the future | Kaimātai me te mahi ā mua

We will create and support the next generation of specialist physicians for the future of medicine and community health needs.


  • Growing our Indigenous workforce
  • Advancing gender equity in medicine
  • Ongoing education renewal to maintain world-class training, assessment and CPD
  • Enabling flexible training across settings
  • Supporting physician workforce capacity and policy reforms
  • Fostering the physician researcher

Focus area four
Equitable and healthier communities | Ngā hāpori matatika, hāpori hauora

We will lead change for better health and wellbeing across our profession, populations, and healthcare systems.


  • Increasing our influence on public policy
  • Empowering member driven advocacy
  • Building support for change in the community
  • Focusing on identified priorities:
    • COVID-19
    • Indigenous health and priority populations
    • climate justice
    • preventative health
    • regional, rural, and remote communities
    • health system improvement and integration
  • Enabling Indigenous justice and equity
  • Increasing the College’s international capabilities

Māori cultural element the Tāniko pattern was designed by Kaaterina Kerekere of KE Design for the RACP. The foundation of this design comes from Waharua kōpito tāniko motif. This stylised version of the pattern refers to the notion of transformation and change that occurs at such meeting points. For the RACP it symbolises our trans-Tasman training relationship, connecting the Indigenous peoples of two nations and bringing together medical specialists with patients.

Indigenous Australia cultural elements designed by Riki Salam of We are 27. Developed for the RACP as part of the commissioned artwork Healing Place. The circular motifs represent stars helping people to navigate from different places and country.

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