Governance of College Bodies By-law (PDF)
Board Charter By-law (PDF)
Nomination and Election Process By-law (PDF)
Candidate Code of Conduct By-law (PDF)
Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Process By-law (PDF)

Related applications

Application for Reconsideration of a Decision (DOC)
Application for Review of a Decision (DOC)
Application to Appeal a Decision (DOC)
Application for Reconsideration, Review or Appeal of a Decision FAQs

Board and Committees

Board/Council Governance Advisory Group Terms of Reference (PDF)
Finance and Risk Management Committee By-law (PDF)
Technology Committee By-law (PDF)
College Standards Committee By-law (PDF)
College Council By-law (PDF)
People, Culture and Remuneration Committee By-law (PDF)
Ethics Committee By-Law (PDF)

Divisions, Faculties and Chapters

Adult Medicine Division By-law (PDF)
Paediatrics and Child Health Division By-law (PDF)
Chapter of Community Child Health By-law (PDF)
Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine By-law (PDF)
Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine By-law (PDF)
Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine By-law (PDF)
Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine By-law (PDF)
Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine By-law (PDF)
Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine By-law (PDF)


College Education Committee By-law (PDF)
College Assessment Committee By-law (PDF)

Aotearoa New Zealand

Aotearoa New Zealand Committee By-law (PDF)

Fellowship Relations

Fellowship Committee By-law (PDF)
College Trainees' Committee By-law (PDF)
NSW and ACT Committee By-law (PDF)
SA Committee By-law (PDF)
TAS State Committee By-law (PDF)
VIC State Committee By-law (PDF)
WA State Committee By-law (PDF)
QLD State Committee By-law (PDF)
NT Committee By-law (PDF)

Policy & Advocacy

College Policy and Advocacy Council By-law (PDF)

Research & Funding

College Research Committee By-law (PDF)

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