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In May 2019, we announced the Australian Charities Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) had launched an investigation into the RACP board governance and culture. This followed a number of submissions from various sources over an extended period of time.

As an outcome of this investigation, we entered into a Voluntary Compliance Agreement with the ACNC. The RACP Board is committed to working closely with the ACNC to ensure the best possible outcome for the College.

RACP-ACNC Voluntary Compliance Agreement cover letter

RACP-ACNC Voluntary Compliance Agreement

As part of the Voluntary Compliance Agreement, we agreed to engage a governance professional to review the RACP board governance and culture, make recommendations for change, and then oversee the implementation of those recommendations.

After a rigorous selection process, the RACP Board has selected Effective Governance, a company of governance professionals who specialise in working with regulators and boards, as the governance professional.

Effective Governance will conduct a 6-month governance review according to the terms of the Voluntary Compliance Agreement and report their recommendations to the ACNC.

Once endorsed by the ACNC, Effective Governance will then oversee a 12-month implementation of the recommendations. Effective Governance will submit progress reports every 2 months to the ACNC and a summary of all progress and final reports will be made available on our website.

During the review phase, Effective Governance will work with the interim CEO to access College information.

If you have any questions about the process or wish to communicate with the governance experts, contact interim CEO Duane Findley on 1300 697 227 (+61 2 9256 5444) or email

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