Division, Faculty and Chapter Awards & Prizes

Awards and prizes presented by the Divisions, Faculties and Chapters of the RACP support and recognise the work or achievements of our Fellows and trainees.

Adult Medicine Division

Bryan Hudson Medal
Best Poster Prize in Adult Medicine

Australasian Chapter of Addiction Medicine (AChAM)

Nghi Phung Research Project Prize
AChAM Indigenous Prize

Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine (AChPM)

AChPM Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Discipline of Palliative Medicine
AChPM Best Trainee Research Project Award

Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine (AChSHM)


RACP AChSHM Research Entry Scholarship
RACP AChSHM Study Grant


AChSHM Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Sexual Health Medicine
Penelope Lowe Prize
Jan Edwards Prize
AChSHM Award for Best Postgraduate Thesis in Sexual Health Medicine

Paediatrics & Child Health Division (PCHD)


RACP Indigenous Health Scholarship for Paediatrics and Child Health
Paediatrics International Grant – Asia Pacific Region (Developing Countries)


Howard Williams Medal
Examination Medal in PCHD
Rue Wright Memorial Award
Best Poster Prize in Paediatrics & Child Health

Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM)


RACP AFOEM Research Development Scholarship
RACP AFOEM Education Development Grant
AFOEM Registrar Travelling Fellowship
Indigenous Health Scholarship for Occupational & Environmental Medicine


AFOEM President's Awards
Deane Southgate Award
Ramazzini Prize
AFOEM Essay Prize

Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM)


The John McLeod Indigenous Health Scholarship


AFPHM President's Extraordinary Awards for Outstanding Contribution (COVID-19 pandemic)
AFPHM President's Award for Outstanding Contribution
Sue Morey Medal
Gerry Murphy Prize
John Snow Scholarship

Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM)


RACP AFRM Research Establishment Fellowship
RACP AFRM Research Entry Scholarship
RACP AFRM Research Development Scholarship
RACP AFRM Education Development Grant
AFRM Bruce Ford Travel Fellowship
Indigenous Health Scholarship for Rehabilitation Medicine


Adrian Paul Prize
AFRM Basmajian and Katrak Prize (formerly the AFRM Basmajian and Györy Prize)
AFRM Paediatric Merit Award
Dr Boris Mak Rehabilitation Medicine Award for Best Presentation

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