AFPHM Education Committee

The Faculty Education Committee (FEC) in Public Health Medicine (AFPHM) manages and implements education policies and programs for trainees in public health medicine, and for the continuing professional development of Fellows.

The FEC consists of Lead Fellows for accreditation, assessment, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Overseas Trained Physicians (OTP), physician educators, and teaching and learning.

Read the AFPHM Education Committee Terms of Reference.


Dr Anthony Gill, Chair

Dr Phil Hider, Deputy Chair, Aotearoa NZ representative, Lead Fellow – Teaching and Learning

Professor Michael Ackland, Lead Fellow – Accreditation

Dr Satyamurthy Anuradha, Lead Fellow – Assessment

Dr Stephanie Davis, Lead Fellow – Physician Education

Dr John Holmes, Lead Fellow – Overseas Trained Physicians

Dr Lea Merone, Lead Fellow – Continuing Professional Development

vacant, Trainee Representative

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