AFPHM Trainee Committee

The AFPHM Trainee Committee serves as the representative body for all AFPHM trainees to the AFPHM body. Through our regional representatives, we liaise with all Australian state and territory and Aotearoa New Zealand AFPHM trainees regarding matters that affect them. We communicate and share information between trainees and the AFPHM and create a forum for the views of trainees.

The Committee advocates on behalf of trainees about selection, training, assessment, supervision and their overall training and education experience. We provide recommendations regarding training related policy and trainee support initiatives.

Read the AFPHM Trainee Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Read the latest Committee news in the AFPHM Trainee Committee communiqué.

Committee members

Dr Elly Layton, Chair

Dr Anwyn Pyle, Deputy Chair

Dr Maya Cherian, Northern Territory representative

Dr Maeve Hume-Nixon, Aotearoa New Zealand representative

Dr Tanji Lamba, College Trainees' Committee representative

Dr Ned Latham, New South Wales representative

Dr Elly Layton, Victoria representative

Dr Victoria Mansell, ACT representative

Dr Mikaela Seymour, Queensland representative

Dr Alexander Shivarev, Western Australia representative

Dr Alison Stubbs, AFPHM Education Committee representative

Dr Margot Tidey, Tasmania representative

Dr Ellie Woodward, AFPHM Training Committee representative

Vacant, South Australia representative

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