Research Development Scholarships

2020 recipients

Dr Yuriko Watanabe
RACP AFRM Research Development Scholarship ($10,000)
'Do patients from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds (NESBs) have access to health care interpreters during inpatient rehabilitation? An audit study'

Dr Yuriko WatanabeDr Yuriko Watanabe is a rehabilitation physician working at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney. Her areas of clinical interests are musculoskeletal, neurological conditions, geriatric rehabilitation and pain management. She has a Postgraduate Diploma in clinical rehabilitation, the Master of Medicine in pain management, and a PhD. She has been actively involved in clinical research nationally and internationally. Having a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background herself, she advocates for vulnerable CALD populations. Yuriko is one of the founders of a charitable organisation that has helped to improve the accessibility of healthcare and aged care services particularly to older Japanese people with limited English ability.

Dr Matthew Wheeler
New Zealand Research Development Scholarship (NZ$20,000)
'A prospective cohort study examining the prevalence and mechanism of reduced pharmacological response to aspirin in patients with peripheral artery disease'

Dr Matthew WheelerDr Matt Wheeler is a final year haematology advanced trainee. He has worked in many haematology units throughout New Zealand including Middlemore, Dunedin and Wellington. He currently on fellowship, sub-specialising in thrombosis and vascular medicine at McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. His project hopes to identify the cause of poor aspirin response in Peripheral Arterial Disease when compared to other conditions such as stroke and coronary arterial disease. In conjunction with this he is working at one of the largest clinical trials unit in the world, The Population Health Research Institute. Once he finishes, Matt hopes to return to New Zealand to share what he has learned and to apply it to the unique New Zealand environment.

Past recipients

Dr Nicola Emslie
2019 | RACP AFOEM Research Development Scholarship ($30,000)
'Occupational Exposure to UVA in the Cockpit of Flying Aircraft'

Dr Yassmin Musthaffa
2019 | NZ Research Development Scholarship ($20,000)
Identification of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Suitable for Antigen-specific Tolerising Immunotherapy: T-cell response to Pro-insulin (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Monica Suet Ying Ng
2019 | QSC Research Development Grant ($10,000)
'Glomerulonephritis? from micro-proteomics to big data analysis'

Dr Louise Tofts
2018 | RACP AFRM Research Development Scholarship ($10,000)
Changes in Physical Function of Young Persons with Longitudinal Fibular Deficiency (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Friederike Beker
2017 | Queensland State Committee Research Development Grant ($10,000)
Smell and taste to improve body composition in very preterm infants: a randomized controlled trial (PDF) | Year 1 Report

Dr Maria Saito Benz
2017 | New Zealand Research Development Scholarship ($20,000)
Neonatal Neurocritical care: Near Infrared spectroscopy for Monitoring brain Oxygenation in preterm infants (NIMO) (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Karen Chia
2016 | RACP AFRM Research Development Scholarship ($10,000)
The effect of an outpatient exercise training program on haemodynamics and cardiac magnetic resonance parameters of right ventricular function in patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Rebecca Dingle
2016 | RACP AFOEM Research Development Scholarship ($30,000)
'Occupational Melioidosis in the Darwin Prospective Melioidosis Study'

Dr Natalie Martin (Department of Paediatrics, University of Oxford, UK)
2015 | NZ Research Development (NZ$10,000)
Improving Diagnostics in Enteroviral Meningitis (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Yuriko Watanabe
2015 | AFRM Fellows Ipsen Research Development Fellowship ($15,000)
An assessment of post stroke spasticity and associated problems in nursing home residents (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Aidan Woodward (Princess Alexandra Hospital, University of Queensland)
2015 | Queensland State Committee Research Development Grant ($10,000)
'Assessment of muscle mass, hepatic function and outcomes in patients awaiting liver transplantation'

Research Development Scholarships

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