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2024 recipients


2024 RACP AFOEM Research Development Grant ($30,000)
Dr Alexandra Muthu
'Doctor Health & Wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand'

Dr Alexandra Muthu is an Occupational & Environmental Physician. She is interim National Clinical Lead Occupational Health and Waitemata Clinical Director Occupational Health & Safety at HealthNZ Te Whatu Ora. Alexandra provides private services through Dynamic Health (work/travel health) and Life Edit (organisational/individual wellbeing analysis & workshops). She discovered Occupational Medicine after a personal work experience and dissertation on valuing the holistic H&W of caring professionals, which remains a key passion recently augmented by the Stanford Chief Wellness Officer Course. 

- Voluntary work: RACP Healthcare Worker SH&W Working Party Chair, ANZSOM Committee, Doctors   Health Advisory Service Trustee. 
- Past RACP roles: AFOEM Council, AotearoaNZ AFOEM Chair, Deputy Director of Training, Faculty Education Committee, Aotearoa RACP Committee, ASM/ATM Organising Committees. 
- Past roles: University of Wellington Masters Course Co-ordinator for Occupational Health & Hygiene, Clinical Director of Whakarongorau Aotearoa (National Telehealth Service), Researcher at Mayo Clinic, Air New Zealand Aviation & Occupational Medicine Specialist.


2024 RACP AFRM Research Development Grant ($10,000)
Dr Kelly Petersen
'Spinal surveillance for scoliosis, in children with cerebral palsy Gross Motor Classification Scale (GMFCS) III, IV and V.'

I am an early career researcher, member of the Hunter Medical Research Institute and current dual advanced trainee in Paediatric Rehabilitation and General Paediatrics. I obtained a B.Health Science (Honours) degree at the University of Adelaide and MBBS at Flinders University, before completing RACP Basic Training in the Northern NSW Paediatric Physician Network. I will be completing my second year of advanced training at the John Hunter Children's Hospital while undertaking research for my advanced training project in 2024. I am looking forward to the possibility of undertaking a PhD in the future.

Past recipients

Dr Nicolas Smoll
2023 | Queensland Regional Committee Research Development Grant ($10,000)
‘Vaccine Effectiveness in Central Queensland -Test-negative Case Control Study’

Dr Chang Ho Yoon
2022 | Aotearoa New Zealand Research Development Scholarship ($20,000)
‘DiagKNOWsis: development of a mobile application to provide diagnostic feedback’

Dr Ian Gassiep
2021 | Queensland Regional Committee Research Development Grant ($10,000)
‘Whole genome sequencing of Burkholderia pseudomallei clinical isolates from Queensland, Australia’

Dr Jamie Young
2021 | RACP AFRM Research Development Scholarship ($10,000)
‘Long-term Effects of a Multidisciplinary Program in a Cancer Survivor Population’

Dr Yuriko Watanabe
2020 | RACP AFRM Research Development Scholarship ($10,000)
'Do patients from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds (NESBs) have access to health care interpreters during inpatient rehabilitation? An audit study'

Dr Matthew Wheeler
2020 | New Zealand Research Development Scholarship (NZ$20,000)
'A prospective cohort study examining the prevalence and mechanism of reduced pharmacological response to aspirin in patients with peripheral artery disease'

Dr Nicola Emslie
2019 | RACP AFOEM Research Development Scholarship ($30,000)
'Occupational Exposure to UVA in the Cockpit of Flying Aircraft'

Dr Yassmin Musthaffa
2019 | NZ Research Development Scholarship ($20,000)
Identification of Children with Type 1 Diabetes Suitable for Antigen-specific Tolerising Immunotherapy: T-cell response to Pro-insulin (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Monica Suet Ying Ng
2019 | QSC Research Development Grant ($10,000)
'Glomerulonephritis? from micro-proteomics to big data analysis'

Dr Louise Tofts
2018 | RACP AFRM Research Development Scholarship ($10,000)
Changes in Physical Function of Young Persons with Longitudinal Fibular Deficiency (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Friederike Beker
2017 | Queensland State Committee Research Development Grant ($10,000)
Smell and taste to improve body composition in very preterm infants: a randomized controlled trial (PDF) | Year 1 Report

Dr Maria Saito Benz
2017 | New Zealand Research Development Scholarship ($20,000)
Neonatal Neurocritical care: Near Infrared spectroscopy for Monitoring brain Oxygenation in preterm infants (NIMO) (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Karen Chia
2016 | RACP AFRM Research Development Scholarship ($10,000)
The effect of an outpatient exercise training program on haemodynamics and cardiac magnetic resonance parameters of right ventricular function in patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Rebecca Dingle
2016 | RACP AFOEM Research Development Scholarship ($30,000)
'Occupational Melioidosis in the Darwin Prospective Melioidosis Study'

Dr Natalie Martin (Department of Paediatrics, University of Oxford, UK)
2015 | NZ Research Development (NZ$10,000)
Improving Diagnostics in Enteroviral Meningitis (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Yuriko Watanabe
2015 | AFRM Fellows Ipsen Research Development Fellowship ($15,000)
An assessment of post stroke spasticity and associated problems in nursing home residents (PDF) | Final Report

Dr Aidan Woodward (Princess Alexandra Hospital, University of Queensland)
2015 | Queensland State Committee Research Development Grant ($10,000)
'Assessment of muscle mass, hepatic function and outcomes in patients awaiting liver transplantation'

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