Medical positions vacant


View and apply for medical positions vacant online


Submit an advertisement for a medical vacant position (emailed advertisements are not accepted)

Read the Advertising Terms and Conditions (PDF).

What does it cost?

AUD$73 per advertisement including GST (GST applies to Australia only).

Payment must be made by credit card online at the time of placing an advertisement

General tips for advertising medical positions vacant on the RACP website

Only positions suitable for RACP Trainees and Fellows will be accepted for publication on the RACP website.

  • Maximum 200 words
  • Keep descriptions short and provide contact information where applicants can obtain the full position description
  • Positions will be removed from publication either after the specified date provided, or 90 days from date of placement
  • All fields displaying * must be completed

What happens after I submit my advertisement? 

  • You will receive an email confirmation that your advertisement has been submitted.
  • Once your ad has been checked by the online team you will then receive an email with a link to your online advertisement within two business days.
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