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These details are based on information reported in the previous 6 month reporting period.


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Semester 2, 2022 data reflected (uploaded as of May 2023)


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Term Description
Geographical area Geographical areas are determined using the Modified Monash Model (MMM) - 2019 status. Training located in MM1 areas are considered Metropolitan. Training located in MM2-7 are considered Regional or Remote. MM classifications can be checked by visiting Doctor Connect.
IRTP The Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP) initiative is an extension of the existing STP and has additional requirements. The key requirement is for the trainee to spend two thirds of training time in a rural training setting.
Position type The types of training programs that qualify for funding through the STP Program. Position Types include STP, IRTP and TAS Project.              
Region Australia’s states and territories
Rotation Placement of a trainee with a service for a fixed period for the purposes
of training.
Rotation Setting Secondary health service or facility where a trainee undertakes a portion of their physician training. Rotation settings are affiliated with the training setting.
Specialty An area of medicine that requires particular sets of knowledge, skills and
Specialty Training Program (STP) The Specialist Training Program (STP) is a funding initiative of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC) to establish and support a variety of new training positions in expanded Training Settings (e.g. Rural & Remote settings, Private settings, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health, Tasmania), with the intent of growing the future workforce in these areas. DoHAC define the qualification criteria, and assess whether Training Settings meet these criteria. RACP (along with other Medical Colleges) manages the flow of funding between DoHAC and individual Training Settings.
Positions A physician training position that is STP, IRTP or TAS Project funded. Positions are primarily based and organised at a training setting. Trainees can also physically train at secondary locations outside the training setting. These are called rotation settings.
TAS Project Training More Specialist Doctors in Tasmania Program (Tasmanian Project)- a Commonwealth initiative with the aim of supporting specialist fellowship training undertaken and completed in Tasmania and support the training and retention of specialist doctors in the Tasmanian public health system.
Trainee A doctor registered with The Royal Australasian College of Physicians to undertake training in one of its Training Programs.
Training Setting Primary health service or facility that is responsible for the coordination and delivery of workplace components of the physician training program. A training setting can have more than one position.
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