Admin training resources

STP induction

For new Liaison Officers and others looking to learn more about the STP Program, its requirements and processes, covering a brief demonstration on requirements for submitting progress reports.

STP progress reports

An in-depth update for Liaison Officers on changes to the STP Portal and a recap on how to submit STP progress reports.

Submit progress reports and rotational facility reporting

Validate previous semester progress report with changes

Validate previous semester progress report with no changes

Recruitment FAQs

What type of trainee is suitable for an STP post?

Basic trainees can only be placed in posts approved as Basic Training positions.

Advanced Trainees can only be placed in posts approved as Advanced Training positions.

Suitable trainees:

  • dual training trainees if they’re still training for that specialty *
  • overseas trained physicians completing peer review training or top-up training

Unsuitable trainees:

  • overseas trainees looking to complete a rotation in Australia before returning to their country of origin
  • individuals on short term training not registered with us
  • trainees registered with other colleges

* For example, a dual training trainee in neurology and cardiology can be placed in a cardiology position if they’re still completing Advanced Training in Cardiology, even if they completed neurology training and are a Fellow.

Can I recruit a Basic Trainee instead of an Advanced Trainee?

A Basic Trainee can be recruited only if the original funding agreement is for that training level.

If the STP funding is for an Advanced Training position and there are difficulties recruiting an Advanced Trainee, report the post as vacant immediately.

We must seek permission from the STP Advisory Group before placing a Basic Trainee in an Advanced Training position. The site must be accredited for Basic Training for this request to be considered and the position cannot be for more than 1 year. Contact us to learn more.

What happens if I can’t recruit a trainee?

If you’re unable to recruit a trainee for an upcoming rotation, advise us immediately. We can provide advice on how to recruit for the next rotation.

We’re required to manage vacant posts and ensure they’re filled at all times. Where posts are vacant for more than 6 months, the STP Vacant Post Policy applies.

Do I need to recruit a replacement for a trainee going on maternity/personal leave?

Yes, STP does not fund maternity or other long-term leave.

The DoH advises that if a post is to be unfilled for more than 6 months, another trainee should be recruited to the post.

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