Support projects

Every year, a component of STP funding is allocated to all Colleges involved in the program for the creation and management of support projects.

Applications for 2024 – 2025 funding are now open.

Submit your application by 6pm (AEST), Monday 11 March 2024.

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This aims to support the success and sustainability of delivering training in expanded health care settings, as funded through the Specialist Training Program (STP).


Support projects must be relevant, benefit the STP, and:

  • must clearly state the benefits to trainees in STP posts
  • can include investments in eLearning platforms and distance education targeted towards the needs of trainees in STP posts
  • can be given priority if they support rural and private posts, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainees, and cultural safety training in Indigenous healthcare delivery.

Support projects will not be accepted if:

  • they're co-funded projects with other Commonwealth grants, unless prior agreement in writing has been given
  • expenses are associated with the direct accreditation of training sites
  • they include IT infrastructure acquisitions and developments
  • they're for trainee and supervisor workshops and seminars except in the situation where STP trainees and supervisors are targeted to attend through direct support, for example travel and accommodation expenses
  • it's a college project with activities aimed at cultural and/or behavioural change, excluding projects focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health issues
  • support project funds are used for trainee or Fellow salaries.

Application process

We submit RACP approved support projects that relate directly to the program. These submissions occur at set times throughout the year.

Applications must be submitted using the application form. Following our assessment and approval, projects may then be placed on a list for submission to the Department at a later date.

The form contains a budget breakdown, detailed timeline and all relevant information for both RACP and the Department to reasonably assess the suitability of a project. There are no word limits but proposals should be brief and focused.

You can submit more than one application ranging from a short-term to a multi-year project. Projects must conclude prior to the grant agreement end date, 28 February 2026.

Outcomes on proposals are provided by the Department within 30 calendar days of receipt.

Projects should not commence until approved by the Department.

Contact us for updates on grant rounds.


To apply, submit your expression of interest (EOI) form to by 6pm (AEST), Monday 11 March 2024.

Download EOI form (PDF)


We provide detailed updates on the progress of all approved support projects with performance reports due on 1 April and 1 October. The Department reserves the right to request drafts and/or final versions of deliverables and/or evaluations in line with the timeframe for delivery of project milestones.

We also report on successes, risks/challenges and subsequent mitigation strategies as part of an annual meeting with the Department.

For multi-year support projects, we do evaluations for the Department in line with the approved end date for the project.

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