Consumer Engagement

The way medicine is taught and delivered is undergoing profound global change.

Increasingly, the voices of patients and other consumers of healthcare are being heard, both as part of the delivery of care and in the way healthcare professionals are trained and educated. It’s a practice known as patient centred care – placing patients at the heart of everything we do.

Our College is committed to ensuring all types of healthcare consumers are engaged in the way our next generation of specialists are being educated and learning on the job.

Consumer Advisory Group

Advising the way forward in improving our professional standards and education approaches, as well as policy and advocacy activities.

Get involved

Learn about the important contribution consumer representatives are making at the College and the current opportunities available.


Our outline of the commitment and approach to enabling patient centred care and consumer engagement​.

Engagement strategies

RACP's considered strategies on how to implement patient-centred care and consumer engagement across our activity domains.

Looking for a specialist?

The RACP does not recommend individual specialists. Your general practitioner (GP) will be able to assist with the referral process if you need to see a specialist.

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