Strengthening the consumer voice across the RACP

October 2019

On 3 October the Consumer Advisory Group held its last meeting for 2019 with a face-to-face workshop facilitated by Health Consumers NSW.

RACP staff and RACP Committee consumer representatives discussed the 'CAG roles and responsibilities; strengthening the consumer voice across RACP' and 'Vision Exercise - what does 2025 look like?'

Topics included:

  • RACP staff, member and Board awareness and skills in consumer engagement
  • consumer orientation, training and support
  • consumer engagement project infrastructure
  • funding
  • diversity of representation and community connectedness
  • consumer-informed patient centre care
Consumer Advisory Group 2019 Workshop

The Group looks forward to continuing to work with members of the RACP Committee and staff as it considers incorporating the workshop’s output into the 2020 Work Plan.

The Consumer Advisory Group joins Congress

September 2019 

Melissa Cadzow, Debra Letica and Hamza Vayani are joining the 2020 Congress Planning Committee as co-representatives for the Consumer Advisory Group.

They will be participating in the planning meetings to provide input from consumer and patient care perspectives in shaping the themes and speakers for the Congress. 

RACP Congress 2020 

The Group looks forward to reporting the progress of their contribution.

Consumer input into RACP submission on the Ethical Principles of AI in Medicine

September 2019

Members of the Consumer Advisory Group and consumer members of the Ethics Committee provided valuable perspectives and input to inform the RACP submission to The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists' (RANZCR) Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. This RANZCR document seeks to guide the development of professional and practice standards regarding the research and deployment of machine learning systems (ML) and artificial intelligence tools (AI) in medicine.

Consumer input outlined in the RACP submission focused on strengthening the original draft's focus on patient consent, patient preferences and the importance of discussions with patients. We are pleased that many of these suggestions have been reflected in the RANZCR's Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine released on 30 August 2019 and that this document places a strong emphasis on the need for AI and ML to 'at all times reflect the needs of patients, their care and their safety'.

A healthcare consumer's insight

July 2019

RACP Quarterly June 2019

In the latest RACP Quarterly, Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) members Deb Letica and Hamza Vayani talk about their experience at the RACP Congress in Auckland.

Deb shares, ‘By convening the Consumer Advisory Group, the RACP is shining a light for all other medical training colleges across Australia and New Zealand at the importance of engaging with consumers and carers in the design and delivery of healthcare.’

Read the full article in RACP Quarterly June 2019

Consumer input into Chronic Care Management

July 2019

Debra Letica

A strategic priority for us is integrated care. The integration of health services across hospital, community and primary healthcare settings is crucial to the quality of care and better health outcomes.

Debra Letica, of the Consumer Advisory Group, has been a member of the College’s Integrated Care Subgroup leading this work. Her contribution in bringing forward the views of the Group, have significantly helped to form the now approved RACP Model of Chronic Care Management.

It has been officially endorsed by the Consumers Health Forum and is now the subject of high level advocacy with key health reform stakeholders such as the Department of Health, Department of Veterans' Affairs and other state health departments.

The Consumer Advisory Group welcomes Terry Williams

June 2019

Terry Williams

In May 2019, Terry Williams (pictured) was confirmed as an appointed member of the Consumer Advisory Group following an expression of interest period held at the end of 2018.

As an Aboriginal Community Elder, connected with the Goreng Goreng, Yiman and Gangalu tribes in Central Queensland Australia, he brings an invaluable background and experience that further complements the Group's diverse representation.

The Consumer Advisory Group is pleased to welcome Terry and look forward to learning from him and hearing his insights.

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A spotlight on Integrated Care

June 2019

At RACP Congress 2019, the Consumer Advisory Group marked an important milestone of having consumer participation valued and welcomed to the discussion of physician care on such a platform.

Group Member Debra Letica shared her patient story about the value of kindness and CARE (Communication, Access, Respect, Experience).

The Group looks forward to further involvement at 2020 RACP Congress.

On the ground at RACP Congress 2019

June 2019

The Consumer Advisory Group held its fifth meeting during the 2019 RACP Congress in Auckland, New Zealand.

Consumer Advisory Group RACP Congress 2019 The Consumer Advisory Group (Back L-R): Te Rina Ruru, Henry Ko, Hamza Vayani, Debra Letica. (Front L-R): Ezekiel Robson, A/Prof Nick Buckmaster, Melissa Cadzow.

Members Debra Letica and Hamza Vayani were involved in Congress proceedings as an Award judges or presenters. Hamza shared a personal perspective of a carer during the Transitions from Paediatric Care into Adult Medicine shared session and was a part of the judging panel for the John Snow Scholarship presentations.

Debra presented at the Integrated Care session as a feature presenter on The Future State of Australia's Healthcare System.

Consumer representation progress

June 2019

Consumer Advisory Group members have joined key RACP Board Committees with the intent to bring a consumer perspective to the discussion and shaping of College policies and decisions. Members have been appointed to the following committees:

Henry Ko – College Education Committee 
Debra Letica – College Policy and Advocacy Committee
Hamza Vayani – College Council
Ezekiel Robson – Aotearoa New Zealand Committee

Members have also joined College subcommittees of interests: Integrated Care Committee (Debra Letica) and Podcast Editorial Group (Melissa Cadzow).

The Consumer Advisory Group is also regularly sought for reviewing comments on paper submissions from RACP. The last paper for comment was a submission to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) on Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

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