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The Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) is implementing the 2019–2020 Work Plan, which was endorsed by the RACP Board in May 2019. The progress against this Work Plan is monitored by and reported to the Board. The CAG continually reviews the Work Plan and welcome comments and input from consumers, community members and members of the RACP.

#1 Consumers/carers as educators, developing understanding of the shared role of the patient/carer in clinical decision-making.

1.1 Gain appointment of a Consumer Representative on the College Education Committee to help shape the RACP’s education agenda (Q3, 2019)

1.2 Provide input to development of online education resources focused on the patient story/shared role of the patient/carer (Q4, 2019)

#2 Promote the importance of cultural competency and how this is supported and assessed in the workplaces of trainees and their supervising physicians.

2.1 Review the new RACP Training Provider Standards for cultural competency.  Develop suggestions for indicators of a culturally competent Training Provider (Q2, 2020)

2.2 Research existing organisational cultural competency frameworks of health jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand and collate good examples of these to be shared with Training Providers (Q2, 2020)

2.3 Review cultural competency standards in new Basic Training Entrustable Professional Activities. Review publicly available resources to support development of cultural competence in training and recommend good examples to the Education, Learning and Assessment Directorate (Q2, 2020)

#3 Foster engagement of consumers in research conducted by RACP members

3.1 Engage with the College Research Committee, College Grants Committee and Foundation to explore how the value of consumer engagement in research design can be promoted and supported (Q3, 2020)

#4 Ensure consumer participation at the RACP Congress 2019 and 2020

4.1 Contribute to the planning of Congress and provide suggestions for consumer participation (Q2, 2019 and Q2, 2020)

#5 Increase profile of the Consumer Advisory Group internally and externally

5.1 Develop relevant content for CAG website page, and other RACP communication channels including newsletters and social media (Ongoing)

5.2 Explore how to best engage with other relevant College bodies and State committees (Q4, 2018)

#6 Assist shaping the RACP’s policy and advocacy agenda through consumer perspectives

6.1 Join the College Policy and Advocacy Council (CPAC) to provide consumer input to the shaping of the RACP’s policy and advocacy agenda (Q4, 2019)

#7 Develop network of engagement with other consumer agencies that are aligned with the purpose of the College, to promote awareness of RACP Consumer Advocacy Group (CAG) and its work

7.1 Identify and seek to engage with similar organisations as Consumer Health Forum if/as appropriate (Ongoing from Q1, 2019)

7.2 Appropriately identify and seek opportunity to submit approved contribution to other health organisations and consumer bodies, to promote the work of CAG (Ongoing from Q1, 2019)

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