Work plan

The Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) is implementing the 2020–2021 Work Plan, which was approved by the CAG Board in September 2020. The progress against this Work Plan is monitored by and reported to the Board. The CAG continually reviews the Work Plan and welcome comments and input from consumers, community members and members of the RACP.

The Work Plan aims to continue to increase awareness for the consumer view in the College’s work and the use of the CAG as a resource for College projects.  

The initiatives in the Work Plan were developed to meet the College goals set out in the RACP Strategic Plan 2019 to 2021 (PDF).

  1. Develop an understanding of the shared role of the patient/carer in clinical decision-making.

  2. Emphasise the importance of cultural competency and contribute to how it is supported and assessed in the workplaces of trainees and their supervising physicians.

  3. Encourage engagement of consumers in research by RACP members.

  4. Ensure consumer participation at the RACP Congress.

  5. Increase the profile of the CAG internally and externally.

  6. Assist shaping the College Policy and Advocacy Council agenda.

  7. Develop a network of engagement with other consumer agencies that are aligned with the purpose of the College, to promote awareness of the CAG and its work.

  8. Improve governance guidelines.

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