Education and training

We recognise many trainees and training settings are concerned about the impact postponed exams and cancelled training events have on job applications, training time, progression through training and accreditation. Read our FAQs to learn more about how COVID-19 changes affect you.

We've established two new groups to advise on key decisions in these areas – COVID-19 Examinations Advisory Group and COVID-19 Training and Accreditation Advisory Group.

We'll update trainees and those in training sites as key decisions are made.

Changes to requirements

We have changed some training and accreditation requirements due to COVID-19.

Provisional Advanced Training

Find out more about how to apply for provisional Advanced Training if you were unable to sit the Divisional Clinical Exam this year.


Find out more about how we're handling 2020 exams during COVID-19.

Education and training principles

A set of principles to guide our decision-making during COVID-19 and provide our position on potential impacts to training.

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