Accredited sites

Trainees must have secured employment with an accredited training site before applying for Basic or Advanced Training.

Training position enquiries should be directed to an accredited training site. The RACP is not responsible for finding training positions for trainees.

Employers may advertise positions through Medical Positions Vacant.

Basic Training settings

Adult Internal Medicine

NSW and ACT | QLD | SA and NT | VIC and TAS | WA | New Zealand

Paediatrics and Child Health

NSW and ACT | QLD | SA and NT | VIC and TAS | WA | New Zealand

Advanced Training settings

Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Addiction Medicine

Cardiology Australia | New Zealand

Clinical Genetics

Clinical Pharmacology

Community Child Health

Dermatology (New Zealand)

Endocrinology Australia | New Zealand | Laboratories (Australia only)

Gastroenterology Australia and overseas | New Zealand

General Medicine and Acute Care Medicine
Australia: Trainees who commenced before 2018 | Trainees who commenced 2018 onwards
New Zealand

General Paediatrics Australia | New Zealand

Geriatric Medicine Australia | New Zealand

Haematology Australia | New Zealand | Laboratories (Australia only)

Immunology and Allergy | Laboratories (Australia)

Infectious Diseases Australia | New Zealand | Laboratories

Medical Oncology Australia | New Zealand

Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine

Nephrology Australia and overseas | New Zealand

Neurology Australia | New Zealand

Nuclear Medicine (Australia only)

Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Palliative Medicine

Public Health Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine

Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Australia: Adult | Paediatric
New Zealand

Rheumatology Australia | New Zealand

Sexual Health Medicine

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