AFOEM Stage B Written Examination

The Stage B Written Examination tests a trainee’s knowledge in Occupational and Environmental Medicine through scenario based, extended responses.

Key dates

Exam Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 September 2020
Applications open Monday 15 June 2020
Applications close Friday 26 June 2020
Results Thursday 29 October 2020


Trainees must meet the following criteria to sit the Stage B Examination:

  • be a Stage B trainee of the OEM training program
  • have an Educational Supervisor
  • be currently registered and approved for the training period
  • have certification of the most recent training period, i.e. all teaching and learning activities and formative assessments completed
  • have completed a minimum of 18 months active certified Stage B training (3 training periods)
  • have completed the relevant University Graduate Diploma or equivalent and submitted the certificate to the Faculty before sitting the Exam. Proof of completion of a relevant university course is required before being accepted to sit the exams.
  • be fully current with all training fees. Trainees with outstanding fees won't be eligible to sit the Exam unless they've applied in writing to the Honorary Treasurer requesting special consideration
  • complete payment of exam fee by due date in order to guarantee a place at the exam.


  • have been endorsed by the Faculty Education Committee for special consideration, for example you're an Overseas Trained Physician

Trainees are allowed 5 attempts to pass the Stage B Written Examination.

See the Progression Through Training Policy and the FAQs for more information about examination attempts.


Application dates for AFOEM Stage B Written Examination will be published in the AFOEM eBulletin a month prior to applications opening.

Trainees must pay a fee to sit the exam. Refer to the membership fees page for fees to sit the Stage B Written Examination in Australia or New Zealand.


The Stage B Written Examination is held in a number of capital cities across Australia and New Zealand.

Candidates may have to travel to an examination location if trainee numbers are too low to facilitate an examination in their local area.

Examination content

The Stage B Written Examination consists of:

  • Paper 1 – 5 questions
  • Paper 2 – 5 questions

You will have have 3 hours, plus 15 minutes reading time, for each exam paper.

The examination content is based on the AFOEM training curriculum.

  • Paper 1 – Domains 10, 30, 40 and 80 but is likely to refer in parts to other domains
  • Paper 2 – Domains 10, 20, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90


Occupational and Environmental Medicine Advanced Training Curriculum
Occupational and Environmental Medicine Advanced Training Handbook
Examination learning objectives for the examination (2012)
AFOEM examination pass rates

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