Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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Occupational Medicine takes a preventative approach to health and safety in the workplace by looking at how a work environment can affect a person’s health, and how a person’s health can affect their work.

Environmental Medicine is primarily concerned with the human health impacts of industrial practices on the broader environment outside of the industrial site.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) Training Program

  • Approximately a four-year training program conducted primarily in community settings in three stages of training:
  1. Stage A emphasises clinical skills, critical appraisal skills and professional qualities (Basic Training level)
  2. Stage B includes all the special features that distinguish OEM - fitness and return to work, interacting with organisations, relevant law, and assessment of work-related hazards and environmental risks and incidents (Advanced Training level)
  3. Stage C addresses the abilities that distinguish an OEP including high-level communication, policy development, funding/staffing a service, and completion of research (Advanced Training level)
  • Successful trainees attain the qualification of Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (FAFOEM) with accreditation to practise as Occupational and Environmental Physicians (OEPs) in Australia or New Zealand




Download the Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2017-18 ​Handbook (PDF 335KB)


Download the Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2016 ​Handbook (PDF 1MB)

Training curriculum

Download the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Training Curriculum (PDF 1MB)

Professional qualities curriculum

Download the Professional Qualities Curriculum (PDF 1MB)

How do I apply for the OEM Training Program?

New trainees need to ensure they meet the entry requirements in the OEM 2017-18 Handbook to apply to start OEM training. 

To apply for the OEM training program please contact the Regional Training Program Director (TPD) in your state / region for an initial assessment of your suitability and download, complete and submit the Occupational and Environmental Medicine training program application form (.doc 396KB)

Applicants to the program must be working in an accredited position that involves undertaking a minimum of 20 hours per week of OEM practice. Applicants must check whether their workplace is accredited. If it is not, an Accreditation Assessment Form must be submitted before you apply for training. A list of an accredited training sites and the Accredited Assessment Form can be found on the Accredited training sites page

Current trainees need to apply for approval of training each year. Please download, complete and submit the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Annual Prospective Training Application form (.doc 293KB) to re-register for training in OEM. 

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Assessment forms

Summative assessments

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2017 RACP Research Project

Implementing from 2017, the College has introduced a set of streamlined research project requirements. Please check the program requirements handbook to see if this applies to you.

For further information, cover sheet and marking criteria, please see the work based learning and assessment tools web page

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