Standards and requirements

The Training Provider Standards include 9 Standards grouped into 4 themes. The Basic Training Accreditation Requirements for Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health are actions under each Standard that need to be addressed for a training provider to run RACP Basic Training Programs.

Environment and culture

Standard 1 — Safety and quality

The environment and culture encourages the promotion of safe behaviours and supports the delivery of high-quality patient and population-centred care.

Standard 2 — Learning environment

The environment and culture value learning and support training.

Training oversight

Standard 3 — Governance

The Training Provider has a systematic approach to training responsibilities and relationships.

Standard 4 — Training management

The Training Provider manages staff, resources, and structures to deliver best practice training.

Training support

Standard 5 — Educator leadership, support and wellbeing

Educators are skilled and supported in their teaching and leadership roles.

Standard 6 — Trainee support and wellbeing

Trainees are to receive a fair, positive and supportive training experience.

Curriculum implementation

Standard 7 — Curriculum delivery

The curriculum is implemented so trainees can achieve the learning outcomes and become independent, skilled physicians.

Standard 8 — Supervision

A high standard of supervision is always provided to trainees.

Standard 9 — Feedback and assessment

Trainees receive effective feedback and robust assessment.

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