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The Internal Medicine Journal is the official peer-reviewed publication of the Adult Medicine Division at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

Journal access

RACP members and staff have full access to Internal Medicine Journal articles online, as well as Accepted Articles (unedited but citable articles available before print publication).

View Internal Medicine Journal issues.

The public can view Internal Medicine Journal abstracts online and have the option to purchase full-text articles from the Wiley Online Library.


Articles are submitted for publication through ScholarOne Manuscripts.


Read the instructions for authors, including how to create an account and how to submit your manuscript for review.

Article review

Journal submissions are peer-reviewed by expert reviewers who are chosen by the appropriate subspecialty editor. The Journal has 29 subspecialty editors and an editor-in-chief, who all form the editorial board.

We publish original research and review papers accepted by the subspecialty editor of Accepted Articles. Accepted articles are unedited but citable papers available before print publication.

Publication of your journal article is dependent on journal space and issue compatibility.

Conflicts of Interest

When submitting work to the Internal Medicine Journal, you must disclose any financial or other conflict of interest. If an article has numerous authors, only one Conflict of Interest Disclosure form (PDF) per group is required.

CPD eligibility

RACP Fellows are eligible to claim one CPD credit per hour for reading journals and texts.

Login to MyCPD to record your reading or for more information, see the CPD help desk.


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