Curriculum standards

The curriculum standards outline the educational objectives of the training program and the standard against which trainees’ abilities are measured.

BE Competencies Curriculum model


Common for all Advanced Training Programs

These are statements of professional behaviours, values and practices expected of a trainee as they adopt the professional identity of a physician. Competencies are organised by the domains of the Professional Practice Framework.

DO Entrustable Professional Activities curriculum model

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)

Each Advanced Training Curriculum will contain a mix of common EPAs and program-specific EPAs

EPAs are essential work tasks that can be delegated, observed, and assessed.

KNOW Knowledge Guides curriculum model

Knowledge Guides


Knowledge Guides will provide detailed guidance to trainees on the important topics and concepts trainees need to understand to become experts in their chosen specialty.

ATCR standards chart

How the standards will work

The renewed Advanced Training Curricula will consist of a mix of program-specific content and content that is common across Advanced Training Programs, where possible.

Common standards

The introduction of common content across many curricula is a key aspect of Advanced Training Curricula Renewal.

Establishing common standards for the Advanced Training Curricula will:

  • allow content development processes to be streamlined
  • benchmark content across programs to demonstrate equivalency
  • better facilitate dual training arrangements in the move toward competency-based training

The RACP Curriculum Advisory Group and Advanced Training Committees have been working to develop and refine draft common standards.

The standards draw on the new Basic Training Curricula, evaluative data from a range of sources, analyses of the current curricula and the RACP Professional Standards.

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