Learning, teaching and assessment

Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) programs outline how the work-based curriculum will be experienced by trainees and educators.

For trainees, they outline how training will be delivered and how their learning will be supported, including how assessments will facilitate regular feedback on performance.

For educators, they provide the tools necessary to deliver work-based training and support trainees, to ensure quality and consistency.

LTA structure

The LTA structure defines the framework for delivery and trainee achievement of the curriculum standards in the new Advanced Training programs.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment structure

It is structured in 3 phases:

1. Specialty foundation

Orient trainees and confirm their readiness to progress in the Advanced Training program.

2. Specialty consolidation

Continue trainees’ professional development in the specialty and support progress towards the learning goals.

3. Transition to Fellowship

  • Confirm trainees’ achievement of the curriculum standards, completion of Advanced Training and admission to Fellowship.
  • Support trainees’ transition to unsupervised practice.

Common LTA programs

The common LTA programs (PDF) underwent consultation to ensure they are robust and appropriate.

The common LTA programs include:

  • learning goals (drawn from the curriculum standards)
  • training requirements
  • supervision requirements
  • assessment methods

Applicability of the common LTA programs

The common LTA programs will establish a baseline for learning, teaching, and assessment across all Advanced Training programs.*

They include some elements that will be optional for training committees to include in their programs.

Specialty groups will be able to tailor the common LTA programs by adding elements to meet the needs of their different training programs, such as:

  • time-based requirements
  • learning courses
  • entry, progression and completion criteria

Adjustments may be made to improve the utility of the common LTA programs as part of the process to develop the first 6 specialty curricula.

* The common LTA programs do not apply to the Clinical Diploma in Palliative Medicine because it is not a specialty training program.

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