Apply for accreditation

Settings must apply to the College to be accredited to deliver RACP Basic Training Programs. We assess settings and their Basic Training Programs to determine if it provides:

  • an appropriate level of supervision
  • sufficient clinical experience
  • opportunities for continuing education and research
  • suitable training infrastructure, environment and culture

2018 Standards

Use the prescribed documents if you’re applying for accreditation or re-accreditation against the 2018 Training Provider Standards that applies to your setting.

There are 3 forms:

  • Part A — Training Setting and Basic Training Program Overview
  • Part B — Standards
  • Part C — Supporting documentation checklist
Technical requirement

Forms need to be completed using Adobe Acrobat (version 8.0 or later). The interactive PDF format comes with pre-populated field options and allows you to save your progress and complete at a later time as necessary.

For assistance, email us at (Australia) and (Aotearoa NZ)

Adult Internal Medicine Basic Training Program only

Download (ZIP)

Paediatrics & Child Health Basic Training Program only

Download (ZIP)

Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health Basic Training Programs

Download (ZIP)

Related resources

Training Provider Accreditation Policy (PDF)
Accreditation of a Training Provider Process (PDF)

2010 Standards

Use the prescribed documents if you need to provide an update to the College against the 2010 Training Provider Standards (PDF).

Adult Internal Medicine

Accreditation standards (PDF)
Australia: Accreditation criteria (PDF)
Aotearoa NZ: Accreditation criteria (PDF)
Accreditation assessment form (DOC)

Paediatrics & Child Health

Accreditation standards (PDF)
Accreditation criteria (PDF)
Australia: Accreditation assessment form (DOC)
Aotearoa NZ: Accreditation assessment form (DOC)

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