Capacity to train

A training setting’s capacity to train refers to how many of their trainees can meet program requirements and ultimately comply with RACP professional and education requirements. These requirements ensure trainees become competent and independent practitioners who perform to a high standard and meet the expectations of the population they serve.

We use accreditation as the tool to monitor training settings’ capacity to train.


The Capacity to Train: Guidance (PDF) supports settings offering Basic Training in Adult Internal Medicine or Paediatrics & Child Health to determine their capacity to train.

Directors of Physician/Paediatric Education can use this guidance to:

  • plan for recruitment
  • consider when monitoring their training program’s performance
  • add or modify rotations
  • prepare for accreditation

For further information, see the Capacity to Train: Guidance (interactive PDF). Contact the Member Services team if you need help navigating the document.

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