About the accreditation program

Accreditation is a multi-staged evaluation process with an independent review.

It identifies the level of congruence between the training provided and the Standards, which define our expectations of workplace training. The outcome of the process is to give a training provider an accreditation decision and monitor compliance with the Standards between reviews.

The accreditation program:

  • supports the delivery of quality training and patient care
  • streamlines and coordinates accreditation
  • provides flexibility for the accreditation of a range of training providers
  • encourages enhancement and innovations in training

The accreditation program consists of 5 stages, as shown in the figure and explained in detail in the Accreditation of a training provider process (PDF).

The cycle begins with an assessment of the setting and its Basic Training Programs.


Stage 1 | Self-assessment

In a self-assessment, training providers:

  • reflect on their compliance with the Standards and requirements
  • prepare a written response to describe this compliance
  • rate their performance
  • provide supporting documentation to substantiate the response


Training Provider Standards (PDF)
Adult Internal Medicine Basic Training Accreditation Requirements (PDF)
Paediatrics & Child Health Basic Training Accreditation Requirements (PDF)

Stage 2 | External assessment

We assess a training provider’s compliance with the Standards and Requirements by conducting visits or document assessments.

Visits are undertaken by an Accreditation Review Panel and document reviews are undertaken by an assigned Accreditation Lead.

For training providers offering both Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health Basic Training programs, there will be a joint accreditation visit or document assessment.

Stage 3 | External validation

External validation is the decision-making stage of accreditation. It involves a setting and training program accreditation decision made by the Accreditation Committee. This decision is based on the findings of the external assessment report.


Training Provider Accreditation Decision Framework (PDF)
Basic Training Accreditation Decision Framework (PDF)

Stage 4 | Reporting

The accreditation decision is provided to the training provider and is made available on Accredited settings.


Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Process By-Law (PDF)

Stage 5 | Monitoring

We monitor training providers to ensure ongoing compliance to the Standards and progression with conditions throughout the cycle.

  • Managing conditions and recommendations that arise through an accreditation decision
  • Undertaking focus reviews on any conditions placed on a training provider or training program as part of an accreditation review
  • Managing a change of circumstance that affects the delivery of training at any point during the 4-year accreditation cycle
  • Managing a potential breach of Standards at any point during the four-year accreditation cycle


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