Educational Leadership and Supervision Framework

Supervision is fundamental to the success of the College’s training programs and to deliver the highest quality of patient care.

The primary purpose of the Educational Leadership and Supervision Framework is to support excellence in medical education and enhance physician trainee outcomes. The Framework covers:

Roles and structure

  • Flexible role structure that outlines core functions, roles and responsibilities of educational leaders and Supervisors in the context of the RACP Training Program.
  • Guidance on time allocations recommended for educational leaders and a supervisor: trainee ratio to Educational Supervisors in Basic Training.

RACP Standards

  • The expected standards, behaviours, skills and knowledge required for excellent educational leadership and supervision.

Accreditation, selection and appointment

Evaluating effectiveness

  • Tools and guidance to support the monitoring and evaluation of SPDP and individual supervisor effectiveness.

The implementation of the Framework, approved by the College Education Committee in 2018, is underway. Accreditation of all supervisors by the end of 2020 is a priority.

The College is committed to ensuring that the vital contribution and commitment of each of our supervisors is both supported and recognised.

Physician training is transitioning to a competency-based medical education model in a challenging environment. Therefore, it is essential to build capacity and capability in the supervisor workforce to support this transition and look at how we can increase our supervisor pool to ensure the delivery of quality medical education.

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