Theme: Training oversight

Training oversight theme calls on training providers to deliver an effective system of governance and leadership that manages and improves physician training.


  • The training provider meets the Accreditation Standards, provides best practice training and continuously improves the quality of its training.
  • A training provider practices leadership and effective training governance that:
    • has a systematic and coordinated approach to both the delivery of physician training and the individual training programs
    • has a training structure and processes that effectively support training
    • has resources and effective relationships so everyone involved in training is supported to carry out their roles and knows where to seek advice
    • collaborates with other training providers
    • supports educators with demonstrable credibility and capability to lead, manage and deliver training
    • provides a trainee with high-quality learning experiences that contribute to the achievement of curriculum learning outcomes and training program requirements
  • Candidates are appointed to training positions based on merit.
  • Trainees are satisfied with their employment arrangements, rotations, training setting allocations and rosters.
  • Trainees can access flexible training.


The leader at an executive level (or equivalent):

  • develops and maintains training governance and leadership
  • is responsible for acting when a concern is raised about training governance or the management and delivery of training


Standard 3: Governance

Standard 4: Training management

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