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Public Health Medicine is a medical specialty primarily concerned with the health and care of populations. Public Health Physicians are trained in both clinical medicine and public health and their work includes health promotion, prevention of disease and illness, assessment of a community's health needs, provision of health services to communities and research.

Public Health Medicine Advanced Training Program

  • Requires 36 months (three years) of full time equivalent training under the supervision of a practising Public Health Physician  at an accredited training site
  • Includes work-based learning and assessment requirements 
  • Successful trainees attain the qualification of Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (FAFPHM) and are accredited to practice as Public Health Physicians in Australia or New Zealand




Download the Public Health Medicine Handbook 2017-18 (PDF 454KB)


Download the Public Health Medicine Handbook 2016 (PDF 1MB)

Training curriculum

Download the Public Health Medicine Advanced Training Curriculum (PDF 1.5MB)

Professional qualities curriculum

RACP Professional Qualities Curriculum (PDF 1.1MB)

How do I apply for the Public Health Medicine Advanced Training program?

New trainees

New trainees need to ensure they meet the entry requirements in the Public Health Medicine 2017-18 Handbook to apply to start Advanced Training.

Find out more about the eligibility requirements for Public Health Medicine and how to apply.

Current trainees

Current trainees need to submit an application to re-register for the Public Health Medicine Advanced Training program each year. 

Find out more about how to apply to re-register for your training.

Who supervises my training?

Regional Education Coordinator

Each State and Territory has a senior Fellow of the AFPHM who acts as Regional Education Coordinator (REC). The role of the REC is to:

  • Advise Trainees and potential Trainees of training opportunities in their state
  • Discuss choice of supervisor and mentor with Trainees
  • Review all applications and supervisor reports and present them to the regional committee
  • Assist in remediation for Trainees where appropriate
  • Attend the national teaching and learning subcommittee meetings
  • Keep regional committees informed of training matters

To get in contact with your REC, contact the Education Officer (EO) at


Your supervisor must be:​

  • A person with direct responsibility for overseeing you at your workplace
  • A Fellow of AFPHM

If it is not possible for your supervisor to be a Fellow of AFPHM, your supervisor can be a:

  • Non-medical public health practitioner
  • Specialist in another field of medicine
  • Scientist or researcher in a public health area (such as health economics, biostatistics, or health services evaluation)

If workplace supervisors do not have FAFPHM, there must be a FAFPHM co-supervisor.
Your supervisor will:

  • Assess and report on your training
  • Establish a learning plan with you
  • Meet with you fortnightly to review your performance and provide constructive feedback to help you meet the competencies for Public Health Medicine

Discuss your choice of supervisor with your REC.


Mentor requirements:  

  • Needs to provide overview of the training and the trainee’s development as a public health physician 
  • Does not need to be in the state in which the trainee is currently training
  • Is the first contact if the trainee is having difficulty with training or assessment items

Mentor responsibilities

  • Sign off of application to commence training, learning contracts and learning contract reports
  • Familiarise themselves with training program requirements
  • Need to be available for regular communication with the trainee

Discuss your choice of mentor with your ​REC.

More about supervision:

Useful links

Assessment forms

Learning Contract Report

2017 RACP Research Project

Implementing from 2017, the College has introduced a set of streamlined research project requirements. Please check the program requirements handbook to see if this applies to you.

For further information, cover sheet and marking criteria, please see the work based learning and assessment tools web page

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