RACP Congress 2019

Auckland, New Zealand

Opening pōwhiri | Video

President's welcome
Associate Professor Mark Lane | Video

Lead Fellow's Welcome
Dr David Beaumont | Video

Opening Keynote Oration | Indigenous knowledge and science: doctors at the interface
Sir Mason Durie | Document | Video

Howard Williams Medal | A career in neonatal research — really?
Professor Lex Doyle | Document | Video

The Key to Unlocking Optimal Health – The Life Course Paradigm
Professor Susan Morton | Video
Sir Mason Durie | Video
Dr Ashley Bloomfield | Video
Panel discussion | Video | Document

How can we make physician training work in the workplace?
Dr Cheryl Johnson and Dr Raewyn Gavin | Document

Strengthening cooling tower regulations to protect health in New South Wales
Dr Aditya Vyas | Document

RACP Productivity Commission Submission: Veteran Compensation and Rehabilitation
Dr Neil Westphalen | Document

Ramazzini Prize
Dr Koku (Prasad) Abeydeera | Document
Dr Bianca Cheong | Document
Dr Sarita Dara | Document
Dr Rebecca Dingle | Document
Dr Mingguo Li | Document
Dr Catherine Nixon | Document
Dr Rehaan Shah | Document

Role of Carnosine in Prevention and Treatment of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
Professor Barbora de Courten | Document

Maternal and childhood anaemia in remote Aboriginal communities
Dr Martin Hansen | Document

Untreated parental multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 increases offspring childhood mortality, but does not adversely impact fertility in a multigenerational cohort
Dr Michael Thompson | Document

Evaluation of a simulation teaching programme for medical students: does effective learning occur despite resource constraints?
Dr Aaron Ooi | Document

Obesity: Rising to the Challenge
Dr Robyn Toomath | Video
Leonie Matoe | Video | Document
David Letele and Whitney Radich | Video
Isabelle Lomax‐Sawyers | Video | Document
Professor Boyd Swinburn | Video | Document
Panel discussion | Video

The Search for Value in What We Do
Dr Teresa Wall | Document
Professor Tilman Ruff | Document
Dr Curtis Walker | Document

A randomised placebo-controlled trial to determine if uoxetine is effective for improving autistic behaviours
Professor Dinah Reddihough | Document

Access to core preventative health care for children known to child protection services
Dr Kate Rowe | Document

Preschool hearing screening – could OAE screening reduce rescreen rates and enable earlier identification of hearing impairment
Dr Emma Williams | Document

Rural and remote populations and health issues
Professor Ross Lawrenson | Document
Dr Martin London | Document
Dr Margot McLean | Document
Associate Professor Linda Selvey | Document

The First 1000 days – The Window of Opportunity for Long Term Health
Professor Richie Poulton | Video | Document
Dr Matire Harwood | Video | Document
Dr Johan Morreau | Video | Document
Panel discussion | Video

Exploring the impact of health services on Māori health through key moral and ethical principles
Dr Rawiri Jansen | Document
John Whaanga | Document

Gerry Murphy Award
Dr Margaret Wilson | Document
Dr Anthea Katelaris | Document
Priya Janagaraj | Document
Dr Sonali Meena and Shirlene Sansbury | Document

Traumatic lumbar punctures in children and contributory factors: a 10‐year retrospective study
Dr Valentina‐Maria Milosescu | Document

How to treat anything – prescribing exercise in a clinical consultation
Dr Mark Fulcher | Document

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